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Gloucester House back in the news!

Nell Nicholson

We're just coming to the end of our second full week back with the children. Conkers are still falling and we've had a very busy week with lots of visits from children and families who are starting here or who might want to come here.

At School Council we introduced the new Friday afternoon clubs options. The children came up with some great ideas about what they would like to do. At the teachers' meeting we voted on the range of options and will be starting with a science club, an arts and crafts club and a drama and music club.

We're doing taster sessions this afternoon so the children can try it and see!

In work sharing assembly today I saw work on number bonds, a powerpoint on children's rights and some shape based art work. The children presented really well and were good at complimenting each other and asking thoughtful questions about each others' work.

Last Sunday an interview with me was published in Guardian online in their series of interviews with headteachers called Talking Heads. Follow the link to have a read: