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Welcome back!

Gloucester House comms

Back and ready for a new term. Although the weather is nice I can feel autumn in the air and the children are starting to bring me nice shiny conkers from the garden...


As many of you know a journalist spent two days with us during July . She wrote an article for the Guardian newspaper about her time here. It came out on the 12th August. The article was called :

Last refuge for children excluded from school/Education/Guardian 

If you would like to read it click on the link:


Please do have a read. I thought it captured well how we work and the way we create space to talk and think with staff, parents/carers and the children.

I'm looking forward to this term with new staff and new children joining those of us who've been here a little longer. This week our topic is about 'Rights, Rules and Responsibilities'. We will be thinking about children's rights and rules in society generally but also we will be thinking about our Gloucester House rights, rules and responsibilities.

I will write again at the end of the week to let you know how it's been going.

It would be good to hear any thoughts and views on the article and on our new website.

Happy September....!