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Wellbeing...yoga and mindfulness

Nell Nicholson

I'm sure lots of you know about the benefits of yoga - to help keep a healthy body and mind and to help people to be calm an focused. I'm sure some of you also know that we have been doing yoga here at Gloucester House for some time and many of the children do find it enjoyable and helpful.

We have also just started doing 'mindfulness' with the children. One of our therapeutic support workers (Miriam) is leading on it and those that took part last week loved it. I saw lots of water bottles filled with water and glitter and I'm looking forward to finding out a bit more about what the group did with them!

Miriam will also do a session with staff and our parents/carers as mindfulness is a very helpful way for all of us to take time just to be quiet and find a bit of headspace...

Om Shanti to all!