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Gloucester House trip to the River Thames

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Gloucester House trip to the River Thames

Nell Nicholson

As part of our London work many children, staff and some parents and carers went to the River Thames for a day out and to see some of the London landmarks.

I couldn't go as I had too much boring office work to do but those who went LOVED it! They came back full of stories about their adventures and I'm looking forward to posting some of their work after the half term break.

Some children had not been on a boat before so it was a real first time event...and some had never seen the London landmarks such as Big Ben - except on the television so it really was quite exciting...

I heard a funny story about some children not believing Shar when she told them the 'statue' was actually a person and getting a terrible fright because they ran up and touched it to prove it was a statue and got a bit of a shock when HE actually moved!!