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World Book Day!

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World Book Day!

Nell Nicholson

I personally love world book day...books are such a wondrous way into other worlds..and as a child I loved to read and escape into reading.

Some of the children here love fiction and others prefer reading newspapers or websites. Some children have reading as a strategy to help them calm down when they're finding things difficult too. Some children prefer to read to themselves and others like to be read to. Some also like to read to others. Some like to read on their own and some together.

Books and reading can be accessed in so many ways...

Over the next couple of days children from Gloucester House will be going to the book shop to spend the special £1 book tokens. I'm looking forward to seeing what books they select.

My all time favourite book is 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. I love the story and the illustrations. I know it's been made into a film too although I haven't seen it. Lots of books are made into films and certainly here we sometimes watch or act out stories we've read.

World Book Day