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Gloucester House Winter Festival

Gloucester House comms

On the 16th and 17th December, Gloucester House children, parents, carers and staff came together to celebrate the winter festival.

This special coming together, involved a performance from each of the three classes in the school. So many people spoke about how impressed and moved they were to see the children performing so well, and there were quite a few tears from families and staff alike! Performances involved music, dancing, poetry and acting.

Staff also led craft groups which included card, lantern and bubble bath making. It was heartening to see everyone joining in together so well and one of the parents commented on how it felt like being back at school (in a fun way of course!).

The parents all had lunch together prior to the performance, which is always an important part of our parent/carer involvement. Staff at Gloucester House have always received feedback from families about how much they appreciate and value having some time together.   

No winter festival is ever complete without some fairy magic, and this year Santa came accompanied by the sugar plumb fairy herself. Both were greeted with much excitement by the children, and also looked vaguely familiar…

John Forrester
Clinical Nurse Specialist