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Lego Communication Therapy

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Welcome back to the new school year. I can’t believe it’s almost half term already! 

This is Laura, Speech and Language Therapist, and I wanted to tell you about how Lego Communication Therapy is going this term. 

For people who haven’t heard much about Lego therapy, you can find out more about it at http://www.legotherapy.com/ or I can send you some more information if you contact me on laura.mclean@nhs.net.

This term, children have been able to do Lego therapy sessions more regularly and have been doing sessions with Therapeutic Support Workers in their classroom.

Children have had fun building lots of models together, including a frog, flamingo, cars, planes and a sheep! Children have been showing their work and what they have built in work share circle time on Fridays, and children who have built a model in a team with another child in their class, have appreciated being rewarded with ‘Lego Communication’ certificates with a picture of the model they built. One of the children said in circle time ‘I built this flamingo. At first I didn’t know what it was, and it was really hard to build, but then I could see it was a bird. It was fun.’

The children are often very motivated by the challenge of building a specific lego model, they have to be extra motivated because it has to be built through speaking and listening – one person (the architect) describes the bricks and what to build and the other person/people (supplier and builder) have to listen to and follow the instructions. 

Lego therapy sessions give the children a really great opportunity to work specifically on their speaking, listening, social communication and resilience when communicating, and an opportunity to think about how they are feeling and what strategies they will use to help them stay calm even when the speaking and listening part of the task gets very challenging and frustrating. The ‘incredible 5 point scale’, alert strategies and mindfulness strategies all support them with this.

Lego five point scale

Lego five point scale