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Pappa Stig writes about appearing in 'Last Chance School'

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Pappa Stig writes about appearing in 'Last Chance School'

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An unprecedented number of children in the UK are being diagnosed and treated for a mental health disorder. The Channel 4 documentary 'Last Chance School', part of the Kids on the Edge series, follows three of these children at the Tavistock and Portman’s day unit, Gloucester House.

One of the students the film follows is 11 year-old Josh, in his last term at the school. Josh was adopted when he was 6 years old, but his traumatic early years have been worked with in his time at the school. After three years at Gloucester House, his parents (Stig and Phill) and the staff at Gloucester House hope he is ready to move on to a mainstream secondary school.

Stig writes a blog about their journey as a family, including their decision to appear in the documentary. Read the blog post on the Pappa Stig website