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Back from Avon Tyrrell

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Back from Avon Tyrrell

Nell Nicholson

A week back now. We've had a Steering Group meeting this week thinking about the progress and developments this year including our outreach service and changes to Gloucester House.

Yesterday we had an Avon Tyrrell circle time. We reminisced about all the fun activities and the things we learned about ourselves and each other..we also gave out achievement certificates. Congratluations to our first, second and third place house point winners. You should be very proud of yourselves!

Although it's been a bit of an adjustment coming back it's been a good week. Nice to welcome new children into the community and see children who didn't come with us.. Some of the year 6 children are preparing for SATs the week after next and we're all looking forward to the rest of the summer term and spending a bit more time out and about.

Apparently the children are writing blog entries in ICT ...so watch this space!