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Avon Tyrrell April 2016 - guest blog from the children

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My name is D, my age 12. I have been to Avon Tyrell 3 times. I had fun on the zip wire it was best. Before I was scared to go up.  I managed to do it then I felt amazing. 

My name is L I am 11 years old I have been to Avon Tyrrell four times. That’s more times than most teachers. Avon Tyrrell has great activities.

I am A I am 8 years old.  I went to Avon Tyrell in April, it was the second time I had been.  During our time there I did kayaking. Me and Robin played tag it was fun.  I had not done Kayaking before but now I’ve done it I feel really proud. I also had fun mountain bikingI was a bit scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I used one of their trikes it was fast as sonic. I had to really lay back while I road it

Hello my name is H I am 10 years old I have been to Avon Tyrrell three times.

My favourite activity is swimming it was fun because Nell helped me swimming. I felt scared putting my face in the water, when I managed it I was glad and felt proud

I also did kayaking It was so fun I liked it because I kept crashing into my friend and Shar.

My name is B. I am 11 years old.

Every year our school goes to Avon Tyrrell outdoors activity centre. I have been to Avon Tyrrell twice and I would say each time is better than the last. I did kayaking which at first I was reluctant to do but it was good. I also did bush craft we made doughnuts on a campfire made by wood we collected. Overall Avon Tyrrell was a great experience.

my Avon Tyrrellby D.  I enjoyed going to the park and playing the game

My Avon Tyrell by J.  I have had many good times at Avon Tyrell although my last time was not so good I still want to thank everyone. My best Avon Tyrell activity was the archery; me and my friend were very good at it.

Hi my name is S. I am 12 years old

I’ve been to Avon Tyrrell 3 times.

My favourite activity was swimming because it was so fun swimming with my friends and we played with the beach ball and tag to. It was so cold getting in and out but it was worth it for the fun.

We also did archery and it was my first time and it was so fun. I beat the instructors and the adults that where with me it felt great to beat the instructor and it was my first time too.