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Arriving and leaving....and writing workshop

Nell Nicholson

When I observed in Panda Class the children were writing on the theme of arriving and leaving. I will post some of their work with their permission next week. We have been focusing on extending writing a bit more and this is showing in some of the recent enthusiasm for writing in Gloucester House.

We are running a weekly writing workshop in which the children choose either song writing, comics, storytelling or free writing. This seems to have piqued children's interest in writing and we have lots of budding writers making and writing books on all sorts of themes. I look forward to posting some extracts next week.

Claire has also been using her last few weeks before she goes on maternity leave to run small writing groups which the children are equally engaged in. One child told another one. 'Make sure you go with Claire. I don't usually like writing but Claire's sessions are AWESOME!!'

We have had a tough week at Gloucester House though. Despite the fun of 'no pens day den day' and climbing for the KS3 young people there have been a lot of difficult feelings around . We went through the end of term calendar with the children last Monday and I think they got a bit overwhelmed by the thought of the people who are leaving, the new people who are coming and the changes ahead for September.

I will write to parents/carers about this next week but if any of you read the blog it would be great if you talk to your children about this...

Coming soon....mindfulness graduates at Gloucester House and no pens day den day pictures!