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Mindfulness graduation

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Mindfulness graduation

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We had our first mindfulness graduation group last term!! Mindfulness is about learning to pay attention to our experience as it unfolds moment by moment. Mindfulness is an invitation to explore how we are feeling and be curious about how we react to different situations. Mindfulness helps us respond to situations rather than reacting to them. Children have learnt about different parts of the brain and how they work. 

Our graduates have learnt how the amygdala reacts automatically in response to perceived threats. Its job is to keep us safe, but sometimes it gets in the way of making wise choices. They have also learnt how the prefrontal cortex makes choices, pays attention and therefore helps us learn more. They also know how the hippocampus helps us with our memory and to remember things (linking old and new experiences) and how the insula helps us recognise how our body state is (tired, hungry etc.) and helps us to tune in to how other people are. Our graduates have learnt breathing techniques, such as the petal practise and the body scan, to help them when they are feeling anxious, angry or stress. 

We were really proud of all of them during the graduation ceremony and they have obtained their Paws B certificate.