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End of term

Nell Nicholson

So we come to the end of another eventful academic year. I know parents/carers and children received the termly newsletter full of work and articles about what we've been doing.

Here is the letter I wrote for the newsletter:

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Such a busy, busy year! But time always flies at Gloucester House. It has been great getting to know so many new parents/carers and to see you getting to know each other. 

I know you had a good chat yesterday after the wonderful film premiere of the children’s individual films. I hope you liked the films. Any of you who didn’t get the chance to see them, please feel free to get in contact as we are happy to show them to you – and of course you will also all be getting your child’s individual film. What I liked was that Pete and Emily had really listened to the children’s individual interests and helped them make films that really reflected that. 

Stig told me that one of things you talked about over lunch was thinking about a new parent/carer representative as his son is moving on. He also told me that you had talked about uniform. I know we talked about it before and he said many of you are keen for us to get a uniform for Gloucester House.  

We talked about this in School Council today and the children had some very creative ideas. There were very mixed views about uniform – some children saying they wanted blazers and ties, some saying they wanted no uniform and some saying different coloured clothes with logos that you could Velcro or sew on. So we will make sure we talk about this in our first parent/carer meeting of the term.  

Stig’s other feedback is that you say you are generally very happy with our service but would like the more notice of events. We will send out the annual calendar in September and make sure we give as much notice as possible.

Enjoy the newsletter and we hope you have a good summer holiday with your children 

Best wishes

Nell Nicholson

Also the Outcome Report will come out in the Autumn so I will post the most recent outcome data then.

Now to sign off for August - back in September!