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Parent carer day - behaviour system update and uniform, odd socks and anti bullying 'all different/all equal'

Nell Nicholson

Thanks so much to those of you that came to the meeting. It was a packed agenda!

Thanks for your input and support around the behaviour policy/system – which we will implement from next week (13.11.17).

Thanks also for your thoughts about how to implement the ‘wearing of the new school uniform. It’s been great this week to see so many of the children wearing their uniforms. They seem to be enjoying them!

Just to clarify that we have agreed uniform as optional for the rest of this term and mandatory for after the winter break.

I am enclosing the behaviour system notes and the uniform parameters so everyone has a copy.

For parents/carers who couldn’t make the meeting we are gifting one sweatshirt and one polo shirt for the children. Other uniform items can be purchased. Please contact Jan Kidd in the office for this.


Anti-bullying week:

Next week is national anti-bullying week. The theme this year is ‘everybody different, everybody equal’. We strongly believe this at Gloucester House (as you know!) and to mark this we are joining the national ‘odd socks day’ which encourages people to start anti bullying week by wearing odd socks. We will take photos of all the odd socks people wear if they would like.

This is no no way compulsory but people are welcome to join in if they wish.

odd socks.png