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Ancient Civilisations – A comparative Essay by Hedgehog Class

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An essay, written by Hedgehog Class:

Image credit: Hamish2k

Image credit: Hamish2k

There were ancient civilisations all over the world.  The ancient Egyptian empire was based near where you now find Cairo. It is a very hot climate in Egypt.

The Ancient Greek Empire was based in Greece. They had lots of stories of mythical creatures.

The Shang Dynasty was in Ancient China. The Great wall of China is a relic of this time and of ancient building work. All three of these ancient civilisations were based in hot countries and all believed that animals held particular importance.

Ancient Civilisations had many different religions. The ancient Israelites believed in one God called Yaweh. One of the most powerful empires in the ancient world were Greece and Rome.

In ancient Egypt, Egyptian religious beliefs and practices were closely integrated into the Egyptian society of the historical period.

Ancient Egyptians believed in many Gods (polytheistic) as did the Greeks whereas the ancient Israelites believed in one God (monotheistic).

The Ancient civilisations had some incredible buildings. In Nepal there were very old buildings with carved roofs that had roofs bigger than the base.

In Greece they built large stone temples. In Egypt they build large pyramids as tombs.

There were very few similarities between these ancient civilisation’s buildings and architecture.

The Ancient civilisations were run and managed in different ways. The Knights Templar were an army based in Europe who fought in the crusades. They created the first ever bank and discovered many new technologies. They were run by a Grandmaster who was in charge.

The Pharoah’s ruled ancient Egypt. They were buried in pyramid tombs with all of their slaves.

The Ancient Greeks had the first ever parliament.  There were many different approaches to running civilisations.

The ancient civilisations used many different ways of communicating. Egyptians used a form of writing called Hieroglyphs. In ancient Greece they used a big horn for communicating to large groups, a light for communicating long distances and the alphabet for speaking.

In ancient China they spoke Putong – Huao and a lot of other languages.

We have learned lots about a range of ancient civilisations and have found similarities and differences between them.