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New Term

Nell Nicholson

Welcome back !

It certainly feels like autumn is here. We had a lovely summer term with the garden party, Avon Tyrrell and lots of positive feedback in report meetings.

Thanks so much to so many of you for sending in things for children and staff at the end of term...it was more than kind and we actually had TOO much stuff as some of you know. I'm putting up a picture of the incredible cupcakes by Leeloo's sister. Really beautiful and professional. Perhaps we could get some of your involved when we do cakes for our next charity bake sale.

A friend of Gloucester House did a charity bike ride for us in the summer and cycled over 100 miles! We have to decide how best to use the funds but we are really touched that we were her chosen organisation for the funds to go to.

We are sorry that there has been a delay with the uniform arrival. We will let you know when it arrives and then we need to think as a community what the protocols will be around wearing it as we acknowledge it's a big change with some of the young people much more enthusiastic than others!

We hope everyone is settling in to their new classes/ new teams and look forward to the year ahead.

GH Cupcakes.JPG