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Science and Engineering week reflections from Gloucester House

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Science and Engineering week reflections from Gloucester House

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Who is Ibn Battuta? What is a black hole? Why is a knowledge of a trajectory so important on a flight path? How are copper sulphate crystals so geometric? And how on earth did we make ice cream in a classroom without any chemicals or appliances?

These were some of the questions that were answered during the Gloucester House Science and Engineering week. In addition to their curriculum Science lessons, our pupils enjoyed a week of Science and Engineering-focused themes that were taught across the curriculum. The theme for this year which was linked to the British Science Association was: Journeys.

In Panda class, pupils learned about women in Science. Women like the astronaut and space explorer, Mai. C Jemison. They found out that Jemison was not only an astronaut, but also a Physician, a volunteer for the Peace Corp and a teacher! Panda class learned that they can grow up to be many things and that the sky is not necessarily the limit.

Cool learning - the students make their own ice cream

Cool learning - the students make their own ice cream

Hedgehog class learned about the Muslim traveller Ibn Battuta. They learned about his North African heritage and how his pilgrimage to Mecca inspired him to travel on towards a path which is now known as “The Silk Route.” Ibn Battuta’s faith motivated him to discover faraway lands and write out maps about journeys that exceeded the distance covered by Marco Polo.

Dolphin class investigated abstract travel in Science in the form of light and sound. They made Kaleidoscopes and a fine-tuned water-xylophone. I must say these session were very mindful indeed. They also shocked the entire school by making delicious ice cream using nothing but the ingredients, plastic bags, a little salt and some ice.

Overall, it was a very cool experience ;-)

Written By Shanaz Mirza Hussain