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Working together for learning and development


We offer a range of psychological therapies, and are as creative and flexible as possible.

All children are part of one or more therapeutic groups during some or all of their time in Gloucester House.

We use our Nurture Space for various therapeutic interventions including targeted individual, paired or group work around developing age appropriate play skills. It is also a space that children can take themselves to if they need emotional support to get back on track with learning. The nurture space is led by clinical staff but it is a space where you will often see education and clinical staff working together. It is at the heart of our therapeutic milieu.

Other group or individual interventions take place in the 'group room'.

Some children are offered individual psychotherapy. We have individual therapy rooms that are used specifically for this purpose. Children can be seen between once and three times a week and treatment can sometimes continue even after a child has left Gloucester House.

We also provide opportunities for other therapies such as cognitive-behaviour therapy, equine therapy and work with art therapists.

Our weekly meetings of all the staff are one way we maintain a therapeutic approach in all parts of the work by supporting reflective practice.


Psychiatric Input

Our Consultant Psychiatrist works alongside staff, to offer consultation and advice on psychiatric aspects. This includes input into the children’s presentations and into the assessment, formulation, and development/reviewing of treatment plans. He also sometimes joins in the direct work with families.

Our psychiatrist also provides Medication Reviews. Some children may require medication (e.g. Ritalin for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). If after careful consideration and a full assessment we think medication is necessary, we would discuss and agree it with parents/carers first, and include the child’s GP.


Other clinical assessment and support

We can also provide a range of Specialist Assessments including:

  • Educational psychology assessment / psychometric testing
  • Neuro-developmental assessment
  • Psychiatric assessment/ Mental State
  • State of mind assessment
  • Psychotherapy assessment
  • Speech and language Assessment
  • Occupational therapy Assessment



The nursing approach at Gloucester House uses a psychosocial framework with a primary focus on “working alongside” children and education staff in attending to the day to day social and emotional functioning within Gloucester House. The nursing framework uses a multi-modal approach drawing upon psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, systemic and group theory. The overarching aim is to develop and attend to the therapeutic milieu of the unit alongside developing specific individualised interventions around managing and understanding challenging behaviours, within the context of the child, family and the wider system.

Specific nursing interventions include individual, group and family work which aim to compliment the more formal therapies and specialist education. Within these there is an emphasis on interpersonal functioning, group dynamics and developing insight into emotional states and challenging behaviours. These interventions aim to support the children’s capacity for forming meaningful therapeutic attachments and to promote a sense of emotional containment. In addition to the therapeutic work with children, nursing also offers regular reflective spaces for teaching assistants to explore the complex dynamics and emotional impact of the work for both the individual and group.



Gloucester House has a strong tradition of child psychotherapy. This is often indicated where psychological difficulties are deep seated and hard to resolve. We would initially assess for psychotherapy, and where appropriate children can be seen between once and three times a week. Reviews are held regularly with parents/carers. Therapy can sometimes continue even after the child has left Gloucester House.

We also provide opportunities for family therapy, group therapy, and provide short-term interventions e.g. CBT, Mentalisation based Family Therapy.


Speech and language and Occupational therapy

Speech and language and occupational therapists attend Gloucester House weekly to provide assessment, group work and on-going individual therapy where required.


Social Work

Our social worker monitors and audits safeguarding and child protection issues. She liaises with, and advises staff about both specific and general safe-guarding issues and other relevant matters. 



Systemic ideas and practice inform our work with children, families and the staff group. We have a family therapist who works directly with families and works with the team to support and develop our systemic thinking and practice.